Meet the Blog & Blogger

The Blog

A Mad-Hatted Reader (AMHR) is the passion project of one cat-loving and avidly reading librarian who aims to connect readers with their next great read.

AMHR maintains that there is a “good book” out there for every reader, and every reader determines what constitutes a “good book” for his or herself.

In support of these objectives, every title reviewed and/or featured on the blog is recommended to readers. On occasion, reviews may be critical or negative however, AMHR is dedicated to discussing quality works (well-written, well-researched, artistic, creative, etc.) that are likely to appeal to readers.

The scope of AMHR is primarily dedicated to “gentle reads,” broadly defined.

The Blogger

Hello! My name is Madison, a cat-loving Canadian librarian who loves all things books, reading, and libraries. When I’m not reading, you can find me talking to others about reading, in the pool, kitchen, or lounging with our adorable rescue kitten, Millie.

Happy reading!