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The Blog

A Mad-Hatted Reader (AMHR) is the passion project of one avid reader and new librarian. This book review blog is rooted in Ranganathan’s laws of library science, operating on the premise that a) Every reader his [or her!] book and b) Every book its reader. In other words, AMHR maintains that there is a “good book” out there for every reader, and every reader determines what constitutes a “good book” for his or herself.

The purpose of AMHR is twofold.

  1. I hope to use this blog to grow as a reader, continue to explore my own reading interests, and broaden my “reading horizons.”
  2. I intend to situate traditional readers’ advisory practices within the book-blogging community.

In support of these objectives, every title reviewed and/or featured on the blog is recommended to readers. On occasion, reviews may be critical or negative however, AMHR is dedicated to discussing quality works (well-written, well-researched, artistic, creative, etc.) that are likely to appeal to readers.

The scope of AMHR is largely YA, New Adult, and Adult Fiction. While I aim to read widely, this blog often reflects personal genre preferences:

  • Canadian Fiction
  • Crime, Mystery, & Thriller
  • Historical Fiction
  • Literary Fiction
  • Romance
  • Women’s Fiction

In addition to connecting readers with their next great read, I am also interested in learning of new-to-me titles and authors! Feel free to leave comments telling me about a book that you’ve read and enjoyed, or even make a reading recommendation to me. I look forward to engaging with enthusiastic readers who also share in the joy of reading.


The Blogger


Hello! Welcome to A Mad-Hatted Reader. My name is Madison, a 20-something, cat-loving librarian who loves all things books, reading, and libraries.

As I currently work in an academic library setting, I am excited to engage with readers about pleasure reading and the books they choose to read. I hope to gain a better understanding of readers, expand my own reading interests, and enhance my professional readers’ advisory service skills.

Please do not hesitate to reach out, ask questions, or request read-alikes!

Happy reading!


* Myth Busting * No, librarians do not have time to sit around and read all day–but man, wouldn’t that be something?!